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Since its founding in 1953, Allens Lane Art Center has been a cornerstone of the Mt. Airy community by bringing the residents together to participate in and enjoy the arts.  Whether its art classes for children or adults, amazing art exhibitions or cutting edge plays on the mainstage, there is something for everyone at Allens Lane.

601 West Allens Lane ~ Philadelphia, PA 19119 ~ p: 215.248.0546


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Open Auditions

Open auditions are held for each Allens Lane Theater (ALT) production. ALT encourages and practices non-traditional casting. Callbacks may be scheduled at the director's discretion. If you would like to ad your resume and headshot to our talent file, which is available to all directors, please send to ALT, 601 West Allens Lanereet, Philadelphia, PA 19119. Auditions may be attended by other directors for the purpose of observing potential talent for future productions.


Allens Lane Theater promotes non-traditional casting when possible.

Written by Martin Sherman
Directed by Maurizio Giammarco
May 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17

It’s Paris, 1923 at the home of Isadora Duncan. The "Mother of Modern Dance" is in decline. The middle-aged American expatriate scrounges for financial support to start a dance school in Italy. She hosts a dinner for a man she believes to be an Italian diplomat who can help her finance her dream.  Also in attendance are the maid who speaks only French, a 19-year-old Greek piano prodigy, a prim Russian emigree who has signed on as Duncan's translator, an American friend, and a Swedish teenager.  The dinner party proves to be a true “Tower of Babel” as well as an evening of revelations, both funny and poignant.  

The theatre is a short walk from the Allens Lane regional rail station. Alternate transportation may be possible for rehearsals. Allens Lane is only seeking non-AEA actors. Allens Lane Arts Center supports non-traditional casting and encourages actors of all ethnicities to audition. There is a small stipend available at the end of the run.
To set up an appointment with the Director (Maurizio Giammarco), please email your contact information to him at mgiammarco@juno.com to set up an appointment. Auditions are scheduled for Monday, March 3, 2014 in the evening.
"Seeking actors for When She Danced by Martin Bent, a play about a critical moment, both personal and political, in the life of dancer Isadora Duncan."

  • Isadora, 46, matronly
  • Sergei, 28, handsome
  • Jeanne, Middle-aged and a bit severe
  • Mary, Late 40s, her dress and demeanor are in imitation of Isadora
  • Miss Belzer, Early 40s, shy and plain
  • Alexandros, 19, speaks with a thick accent
  • Luchiano, 30s, dapper
  • Christine, 17, pretty