Summer Art Camp (Ages 5-6)

Week 1 Maker's Lab
Dates: June 20 - June 23
Morning: Imagination Station (Mixed Media) Just a spoon full of imagination to spark creations made with the treasures of materials at the palm of your little one's hands.

Afternoon: Fairytales On Stage Costumes and plays and Happily ever afters is what to expect in this workshop filled with whimsical adventures and reenactments of classic tales as old as time!

Week 2 Maker's Lab
Dates: June 26 - June 30
Morning: Imagination Station in 3-D (3-d Mixed Media) If your little one had fun exploring their imagination with painting, collage, and drawing, they'll be right at home with exploring a new chapter in three dimensions!

Afternoon: Book-To-A-Play From costumes and books to plays on stage. Campers pick out these favorite classic short stories and reenact these adventures on stage!

Week 3 The Art of Story Telling
Dates: July 3 - July 7 (no camp on July 4)
Morning: Legendary puppet TALES Once upon a time... Our youngest artists will design and build their very own handmade puppets that will later be used to create their own legendary stories!

Afternoon: Poetry Club Rhymes, rhythm, and pause. Our young reciters will not only read, repeat, and recite poetry but they will also have the opportunity to create their own. In this workshop kiddos get to experiment with poems out loud in a variety of ways— including altogether!

Week 4 The Art of Story Telling
Dates: July 10 - 14
Morning: Legendary Puppet TALES (continued) Once upon a time... Our youngest artists will illustrate beautiful landscapes that will be turned into the perfect backdrops for their handmade puppets.

Afternoon: Voice & Songmakers A true voice session! Our ensemble will be inspired by their favorite songs to collaborate and individually create lyrics that narrate topics and feelings they want to express! They will learn foundational skills in harmonizing, intonation, and breathing techniques to perform their songs out loud and in unison.


Week 5 The Weird, the Wonderful, the Wacky
Dates: July 17 - July 21
Morning: Wearable Art with Clay  Our youngest group of artists get to pour their imaginations into paper, then clay, in this wearable art workshop. With some creativity [and don't forget fun!], these campers will walk away with prizes of their own making!

Afternoon: A Play in the Park If you build it, they will come! These performing artists will learn, through play, some acting skills that encourage the ability to perform improv scenes & collaborate with others in a devising setting to quickly create performable work. They will create and play out scenes at our neighboring Allens Lane Park!

 Week 6 The Weird, the Wonderful, the Wacky
Dates: July 24 - July 28
Morning: Monsterous Plates They roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth! ... Campers will make a collection of monster-inspired plates that even their own creations wouldn't resist to eat off them.

Afternoon: A Play in the Park What a beautiful world! These actors will continue their learning through play workshops, and create improved & devising skits that come to life at our neighboring Allens Lane Park!

Week 7 Artists to Artists
Dates: July 31 - August 4
Morning: Paint like Kusama, Paint like Pollock  Our youngest artists will have the pleasure of studying two famous artists, Yayoi Kusama & Jackson Pollock. They will learn the basics of painting images, how to take care of tools, and create their own masterpieces!

Afternoon: A Mini Musical Play This workshop will have young actors collaborating and combining music, drama, costumes, and even scenery into a single art form.

Week 8 Artists to Artists
Dates: August 7 - August 11
Morning: Paint like Pablo, Paint like Kandinsky "Every child is an artist..." Our youngest artists will continue with their painting workshop by studying two more famous artists' styles, Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky.

Afternoon: Dance like Martha Dancers will learn the basics of contractions and basic floor work, all inspired by Martha Graham's modern dance style. They will build on their core strength and limberness in a fun and encouraging environment.