Summer Art Camp (Age 9-11)

Week 1 Maker's Lab
Dates: June 20 - June 23
Morning: Movement Thru The Decades Groovy Baby! Time travel with us through dance poses and banging records to explore celebrated choreography throughout the ages with our in-house DJ & dance instructor.

Afternoon: Futuristic Costumes Fortune tellers will not be needed for this workshop! Our visionaries will transport themselves to a futuristic era where their creations will be worn proudly, proving their pioneers; ahead of their time!

Week 2 Maker's Lab
Dates: June 26 - June 30
Morning: Improv Comedy For Beginners Did I do that? Campers will act and react, collaborate, and use their imagination to make up hilarious content in real-time!

Afternoon: VINTAGE Costumes  Our fashionable HISTORIANS will teleport themselves to an era that most resonates with them and create costumes that will pay homage to those that blazed the trail before them!

Week 3 The Art of Story Telling
Dates: July 3 - July 7 (no camp on July 4)
Morning: Real Life Skits A day in the life of... you! These young adults will share their life story by creating short scripts that answer questions, tapping into their personalities and identities. They will be given the tools to act and can create in spoken word/poetry or play form to deliver their stories and bring them to life!

Afternoon: Mini Busts Hail Ceaser! Campers will create mini Ancient Greek-inspired, expressive busts of themselves that best depicts their heroic, courageous moments!

Week 4 The Art of Story Telling
Dates: July 10 - 14
Morning: Movement in Nature A relaxed, improv approach to motion and meditation with collaboration, play, and creative free movement, including nature as their muse, & music to carry their moves.

Afternoon: Personality Pots Campers will build original creations that are inspired by and best resembles the best of their character traits! Will you be able to guess your child's vessel.

Week 5 The Weird, the Wonderful, the Wacky
Dates: July 17 - July 21
Morning: Myths Come to Life Release the Kraken! Young actors will explore, read and act out myths turned legendary tales of a time steeped in adventures and wonder. They will bring these stories to life through plays and lively reenactments.

Afternoon: Floristry & Green Art Designing can be art too! So can leaves, moss, and sticks -- nature has plenty of materials to pull from. Young artists will have a newfound appreciation for our natural environment and make beautifully imaginative green art creations.

Week 6 The Weird, the Wonderful, the Wacky
Dates: July 24 - July 28
Morning: Improv Dance Do you have the next viral Tik Tok dancer? Well, this class is for them! Enjoy a fast-paced choreography class filled with collaboration, play, and creative on-the-fly dance moves where your kiddos become content creators! Add a DJ to the mix? And its a party!

Afternoon: Alebrijes Sculptures ¡Bienvenidos young artist! In this workshop, your kiddos will enjoy the creation of brightly colored Mexican folk art paper sculptures inspired by Manuel Jiménez Ramírez! Campers will honor this traditional practice by creating their own fantastical creatures while being taught the basics of color theory, contrast, and texture.

Week 7 Artists to Artists
Dates: July 31 - August 4
Morning: Voice & Songmakers A true voice session! Our ensemble will be inspired by their favorite songs to collaborate and individually create lyrics that narrate topics and feelings they want to express! They will learn foundational skills in harmonizing, intonation, and breathing techniques to perform their songs out loud and in unison.

Afternoon: Basquiat & Haring Inspired Ceramics This funky duo will get any artist's creative juices flowing. The colors, forms, and styles of these two great artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Keith Haring, will inspire great clay collections worthy of any display!

Week 8 Artists to Artists
Dates: August 7 - August 11
Morning: Silent Film Project fin! Classic black and white scenes as the most personable characters lit up the big screen! Our campers will collaborate on their very own stories, act it out, and bring them to life with this timeless style – with props and fun

Afternoon: Collage like Njideka Akunyili Crosby This workshop will teach campers to collage on a whole new level. With the exemplars of Njideka Crosby's artwork, these young artists will develop pieces that combine texture, patterns, and images that highlight important memories in their lives.