Summer Art Camp (Age 8)

Week 1 Maker's Lab
Dates: June 20 - June 23
Morning: Voiceover Fun Silly accents wanted! Our campers will collaborate & record their voices over classic movie scenes, cartoons, and shows to recreate stories like never before.

Afternoon: Ceramics: Space Age Still life Our explorers design out-of-this-world organisms and artifacts that they think best resemble not - yet - found - discoveries out of space!


Week 2 Maker's Lab
Dates: June 26 - June 30
Morning: Improv Songwriting Jazz hands and "make you dance" lyrics! Our campers will collaborate, write and record songs over recognizable instrumentals. These catchy tunes will be so good you won't get them out of your head all summer!

Afternoon: Ceramics: Magical Ancient Creatures Our artistic archeologists will design legendary, mythical artifacts of a time that may have existed, and that leaves us questioning if it's more than folklore!

Week 3 The Art of Story Telling
Dates: July 3 - July 7 (no camp on July 4)
Morning: Short Plays To be or not to be! Young actors will learn the basics of acting through games and improvisations and use short scripts, texts, and monologues to place themselves in unexpected characters' shoes.

Afternoon: Comic Character Development These young comic artists will learn the basics of creating a comic book/ graphic novel characters, including poses and emotions, to tell a great story. These original characters will then be used as the main attraction in their future comic art, storyboards, and strips.

 Week 4 The Art of Story Telling
Dates: July 10 - 14
Morning: Myths Come to Life Release the Kraken! Young actors will explore, read and act out myths turned legendary tales of a time steeped in adventures and wonder. They will bring these stories to life through plays and lively reenactments.

Afternoon: Comic Book Pages & Posters  These comic book artists will now narrate the stories of their original characters using their creations from last week's class! They will also convert their character development sheets into poster art!

Week 5 The Weird, the Wonderful, the Wacky
Dates: July 17 - July 21
Morning: Improv Dance Do you have the next viral Tik Tok dancer? Well, this class is for them! Enjoy a fast-paced choreography class filled with collaboration, play, and creative on-the-fly dance moves where your kiddos become movement creators! Add a DJ to the mix? And its a party!

Afternoon: Yarn Bombing Radical yarning to the rescue! Campers will not forget this class and all its basic teachings of knitting and the amazing art movement of yarn bombing -- decorating and reclaiming cold and plain public places surrounding our art center!

Week 6 The Weird, the Wonderful, the Wacky
Dates: July 24 - July 28
Morning: Improv Comedy Did I do that? Campers will act and react, collaborate, and use their imagination to make up hilarious content in real-time!

Afternoon: Fabric Dying & Textile Art Unbeweavable textile art! Students will have their hands filled with fabric pieces, yarn, non-toxic dyes, needles & threads, and more to create original, hangable art with nothing but the basic teachings of knitting/weaving, pasting, and dying techniques and great imagination!


Week 7 Artists to Artists
Dates: July 31 - August 4
Morning: Creating a Mini Musical This workshop will leave campers breathless! They will have an active involvement in the process of collaborating and combining music, drama, costumes, and even scenery into a single art piece. They will gain a better understanding of the visual and aural power and beauty of opera art forms.

Afternoon: Extra Large Collection: Matisse Collage art Campers will create collages inspired by the great collage artist Henri Matisse. Using nature and patterns as inspiration to develop a series of works connected in theme.

Week 8 Artists to Artists
Dates: August 7 - August 11

Morning: Poetry 101 Poetry is thoughts finding words. Our young poets will continue with their word crafts by composing poetry, narrating, and diving deeper into their understanding of image, rhyme, and personal expression.

Afternoon: Slime Art Sculptures This quirky sculpting workshop continues with building up figurative or abstract concepts — but this time, we will be adding slime to the mix!