Print to a Pot

Sunday, 10:00am - 4:00pmJuly 23Single Session
Barbara HanselmanAges 18+$100

In this workshop, you will learn the process of transferring a wide variety of imagery to your ceramics pieces and learn about using engobes (also known as slips) combined with Chinese rice paper transfers and Intaglio flexible rubber stamp mats to create clay fabrics. Time permitting, we will also touch on combing through colored engobes, using paper resists, texturing with fabrics, and impressing carved stamps & roulettes as well as leaves to the clay slab surface.  Learn about all these techniques to create rich, beautiful designs on clay in this single-session workshop.


About the Instructor: Barbara Hanselman

Barbara Hanselman started her adventure in clay 33 years ago and came to be known for her hand-built featherweight pots and terra sigillata enhanced earthenware beads. Her clay work has been acknowledged with awards at Strictly Functional Pottery Nationals and the Pennsylvania Guild Exhibitions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lark Books chose two of her bowls to appear in their 2003 publication, “500 Bowls” and selected her transfer printed bowl, “What’s in a Word…” to appear in their 2006 publication, “Image Transfer on Clay.” Her tutorial on making 2-part ceramic clay necklaces appears in the magazine, Belle Armoire Jewelry, Fall 2015. Her classes and workshops on Clay Hand Building Techniques, The Forming of Clay Rattles and Making Beads in Clay are offered at local art centers in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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