Woodcut and Beyond: Relief Printing without a Press

Thursdays, 6:30pm - 9:30pmJan 11 - March 1410 weeks
Peter HaarzAges 18+$320

This course will provide an introduction to woodcut printmaking. Fundamental relief techniques will introduce you to the tools and methods needed to allow you to carve and print from your own relief woodblocks. We will explore carving, inking and printing techniques to obtain a range of textures, depth and contrast to create strong visual statements in your artwork. We will examine the conventional and contemporary practice of these techniques, to gain an understanding of how these tools can be applied in the expanded field of printmaking.

Learning Goals:

– To identify the difference between woodcut and other printmaking processes
– To carve wood blocks safely using different techniques of mark making
– To print your wood blocks by hand
– To know the reasons for choosing your blocks and papers and the outcomes to expect
– To gain an understanding of the role of woodcut printmaking in historical and contemporary contexts

About the Instructor: Peter Haarz

Peter Haarz is a master printer, publisher, educator, and general promoter of fine art prints and printing practices. He has worked, professionally as a printer, in shops throughout the United States. Upon receiving the designation of Tamarind Master Printer, Haarz opened his own fully-appointed print studio, Petrichor Press, which focuses on both the preservation and advancement of stone and plate hand lithography. With nearly one-hundred projects under his belt as printer and/or collaborator, work produced in collaboration with Haarz can be found in many prominent private and public collections, internationally.

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