I Remember When… Memories of Allens Lane

Do you have an Allens Lane story to share? 

We want to hear from you!  In celebration of our 70th Anniversary, we are excited to announce a new initiative to collect and preserve the stories and testimonials of the many people who have attended, led, and participated in the center over the past 70 years. And we need your help!

  • Share with us your memories – and photos! - of Allens Lane and how this impacted your life.
  • Tell us what you’d like to see at Allens Lane in the future.
  • Please help us spread the word! Share this with your neighbors, friends, and family.

It’s easy! Here are all the ways to share your story:

  1. Fill out our questionnaire and share your stories HERE
  2. Email us at info@allenslane.org
  3. Record your memory as an audio or video file on your phone and email it to info@allenslane.org. (See instructions on our website).
  4. Send a letter to 601 W. Allens Lane, Philadelphia, PA  19119, Attention “Allens Lane Stories.”

Over the next year, we will collect and share your stories with our creative community and our neighbors!