Intro to Laban Movement Analysis for Stage

Workshop Description: Laban Movement Analysis is a tool that trains actors in the ability to change quickly between physical manifestations of emotion. Students will learn the "Efforts" and will practice implementing them through various exercises and through monologue. By the end of the workshop, students will be able to use LMA and the Efforts to craft a physically organic, dynamic performance.

Students should come prepared with a monologue, water bottle, and movement clothes

Workshop Dates/Times:
Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm | $45 per session
Sessions: June 16th & 30th | Ages 18+

About the Instructor: Toto is a theatre and teaching artist originally from North Carolina. They received their MFA in Theatre Arts from the University of Louisville in 2019 and moved to Philadelphia to pursue theatre focused on community enrichment at the start of 2021. Toto's background is in physical and movement based teachings such as Suzuki, Viewpoints, Laban Movement Analysis, and the Alexander Technique. Toto's philosophy in theatre and teaching is always to "joy seek". Toto encourages all their students to find the joy in what they do and works to empower them to make confident choices on and off stage.

Toto also offers acting, monologue, and dialect coaching Learn More Here