Masks & Myths

Class Description: Jump on stage and learn to craft creative and unique stories in this physical based acting class! Students will explore the birthplace of Theatre and learn to craft characters, stories, and performative worlds both individually and collaboratively.
Students will practice bringing their own ideas to life on stage and will grow their confidence and skill as storytellers and performers.

Current Class Sections:
Thursday 4:30 - 5:30pm | Jan 19 - Feb 23
6 Weeks | Ages 10-13 | $90

About the Instructor: Andrea Rose Cardoni is a performer and teaching artist located in Philadelphia, and is so excited to join the team at Allens Lane Art Center. With a degree in Education and Performance, she brings creative learning solutions into classrooms with the perspective that art and performance can truly free us - leaving room for creativity and exploration. She is no stranger to Allens Lane Art Center, performing recently in the center's productions of Keely and Du (2020) as Keely, and The Secretaries (2021) as Ashley. She can also be seen performing this fall with Philadelphia Fringe in two different shows, the pigeon. at Christ Church Neighborhood House and Effigy at the Adrienne Theatre. For more information, visit