Nigerian Pottery

Class Description: Explore the techniques used in Nigeria for centuries to create beautiful hand-built pottery. You'll also get a brief overview of African art and aesthetics and the importance of the vessel in Nigerian culture and around the world. No prior ceramics experience is required, but students should be advised that the authentic practice requires prolonged standing and leaning.

Materials: We recommend you wear comfortable shoes. Please bring an apron and a small hand towel.

About the Instructor: Robin Williams – Turnage is an artist with many talents. Presently, in her personal work, she chooses to focus on ceramics. Robin is currently an associate at The Clay Studio as well as a teacher of Traditional Nigerian and Ghanaian Pottery at Fleisher Art Memorial.

Robin’s art has always reflected an African aesthetic. Currently, she is working in the production of porcelain table ware with an African influence.

Robin has exhibited her work more actively in recent years in places like the gallery at The Clay Studio, Fleisher, The Colored Girls Museum, and with The Drummond Art Legacy.