Physical Camp 2021 Registration


IMPORTANT:  Due to the limited availability of our physical summer art camp, once you submit your registration below, you will receive an automatic email reply (to the email address you provide) that is a copy of your registration.  This does NOT mean your child is automatically enrolled.  Once we receive your registration, we will determine if there is still space and once they are accepted, we will then email you a separate message confirming their acceptance into the program.  Due to the unusual nature of camp this year, we ask that you please be patient as we work on the arrangements as it may take a few days to confirm.

Click here for more information about our physical summer art camp

Click here for information about our virtual summer art camp

CHANGES TO CAMP:  We will be adhering to new CDC guidelines as well as best practices to keep our campers safe.  This means that we will only be accepting 40 campers per session this year.  We will be grouping the children into 4 groups of 10 who will stay together though the day and not interact with the other groups.  Children will be working in one assigned room within the center and will also have as much outside time as possible (even holding classes outside weather permitting).

  • Maximum number of campers:  This year we are only able to accept 40 campers for each week. We will also be limiting the specific number of children by age.  This means that we're only going to accept 10 children from each age group (5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13). We're expecting that these few spots will fill up quickly.
  • Camp Session Choices:  Parents can sign up their children for either the first 4 weeks of camp, the last four weeks of camp, or all 8 weeks.  We will not be offering weekly camp registrations.
  • Camp Time and PM Care Options: Camp will still run from 8:30am - 3:30pm and we will also offer PM (After) Care from 3:30 - 6:00pm.  PM Care will only be offered for a 4 week or 8 week session.  There is no daily or weekly PM Care.  There is also no AM Care option.
  • Fees: The camp fees for a 4 week session is $1368 (this is still based on our normal price of $342 per week).  The price for the 8 week session is $2636 (discount of $100).  The PM (After) Care program is being offered for the 4 week session for $500 and the 8 week for $1000.
  • Discounts:  Although we will not be offering discounts for households with multiple campers (each camper must be registered separately) but we will still be offering a $100 discount for returning campers as well as $100 off for children registered for the 8 week session of camp.

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