Physical Summer Art Camp 2021



Our In-Person Summer Art Camp has filled up quickly.  Currently, we only have 2 openings left for children ages 11, 12 & 13.  Since there is a good chance that CDC Guidelines may change before the start of Summer, we'd then be able to accept more children if that were to happen.  With that in mind, we are keeping our registration open but will be putting all those registrations received on a waiting list.  No charges will be made unless your child has been accepted.  Should additional spots open up, we will accept those children on the waiting list in the order we receive them.  Please note that we still have spaces available for children of all ages into our virtual camp program.


In 2020, Allens Lane Art Center held it's Summer Art Camp in both in-person and virtual form.  We completely changed the way we ran the camp in order to keep our campers and staff safe.  From social distancing and mask wearing to sanitizing stations, room air filters and a lot of additional staff training, we took our commitment to cleanliness and safety very seriously and fortunately, we didn't have any cases of Covid.  With all of the lessons we learned, we are thrilled to be able to once again offer our campers a summer of fun and engagement.

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  • 1st Camp Open House - Virtual Event
    Saturday, March 27th @11am
  • Parent Orientation - Virtual Event
    Saturday, May 15 @2pm
  • Physical Camp Dates
    June 21 - August 13, 2021 (8 weeks)  - Please note there will be no camp on July 5th (holiday)
  • Virtual Camp Dates
    June 21 - July 30, 2021 (6 weeks)
  • Regular Camp Hours
    8:30am – 3:30pm

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For those with registered campers, fill out and return the Camp Health and Info form and COVID-19 Agreement as soon as possible for each of your campers.
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Physical Camp Activities

Our Summer Art Camp follows our mission of making the arts accessible to our entire community by giving our campers exposure to a variety of the arts and culture coupled with plenty of outdoor sports and play to give each child a fun and memorable summer experience. Each week campers spend time in our art studios, dance studios and theater as they learn from our team of well qualified professionals as well as spend time outside enjoying our open fields,  playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts. We believe that it is just as important to exercise the mind as it is the body (especially during the summer) so we make sure to take advantage of our unique seven acre, Fairmount Park campus. Allens Lane's Summer Art Camp employs teaching artists and counselors in a wide variety of artistic disciplines - many of which return year after year.

Arts and Culture

  • Campers attend classes in ceramics, painting & drawing, crafts, dance, voice and theater.
  • Campers perform a theatrical show at the end of camp (weeks 8).  Campers audition for parts, rehearse their lines and songs, help make the costumes, create props and build the scenery.
  • Campers produce a large amount of artwork (painting, drawing, crafts and ceramics)
  • Special weekly performances by invited artists (musicians, storytellers, etc..)

Sports and Play

  • We take advantage of our 7 acre campus by giving our campers as much time as possible outside on our playground, basketball and tennis courts (all games come with with instruction/supervision).
  • A variety of indoor and outdoor cooperative games (weather permitting).
  • Fun activities for creative kids.
  • Crazy dress up and theme days.
  • Special rainy day activities.

Basic Camp Information

  • For 2021, Physical Summer Art Camp will run from June 21 - August 13 (8 weeks)  - Please note there will be no camp on July 5th (holiday)
  • Maximum number of campers:  This year we are able to accept only 40 campers per week. Enrollment will be determined by age, limited to 10 children from each age group (5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13). Each bunk will stay together throughout the day and will have limited interaction with other age groups.  Each bunk will work in one assigned room within the center and have as much outside time as possible (even holding classes outside, weather permitting). Please note that due to the changing nature of the situation, the center is prepared to institute additional guidelines and rules should it be necessary to keep our campers as safe as possible.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Camp Session Choices:  Parents may sign up their children for either the first 4 weeks of camp, the last 4 weeks of camp, or all 8 weeks.  Single week registration is not available.
  • Camp Time and PM Care Options: Camp will still run from 8:30am - 3:30pm and PM (After) Care is available from 3:30 - 6:00pm.  PM Care will only be offered for the 4 week or 8 week session that coincides with your camp registration.  There is no daily or weekly PM Care.  There is also no AM Care option.
  • Camp Play: The Camp Play will be performed virtually (performed outside - weather permitting). Parents will receive a link to the performance as well as a link for their private viewing.
  • Field Trips:  Although we have had field trips as part of our camp in years past, new safety rules and guidelines do not allow for field trips this year.  Instead, the camp is working towards inviting guests from outside arts organizations to entertain and instruct our campers on site.
  • Fees: The camp fee for a 4 week session is $1,368 (based on our normal price of $342 per week).  The price for the 8 week session is $2,636 (discount of $100).  The PM (After) Care program is being offered for the 4 week session for $500 and the 8 week for $1,000.
  • Discounts:  Although we are not offering discounts for households with multiple campers (each camper must be registered separately), returning campers qualify for a $100 discount and the 8 week session is automatically discounted $100.

Safety Procedures

  • Drop Off: After successful temperature check (see above), campers will place lunch/items in their camper storage bin and then will then line up outside with social distancing.
  • Pick Up: Same as drop off with staggered times and specific locations.
  • Staff: All staff will wear masks and face guards (except when eating). All staff will sanitize hands and put gloves on to greet campers outside and remove gloves and wash hands as soon as they enter the building.
  • To maintain the Lowest Risk possible: Small groups (bunks) of campers stay together all day, each day. Outdoor activities are prioritized.
  • Social Distancing:  Each bunk of 10 campers will be required to practice social distancing. Campers will not share objects, art supplies, etc. We will make every effort to keep our campers on track to follow these rules.
  • Ventilation:  We will keep our windows open to circulate fresh air into the center (when possible).
  • Hand Washing:  The center will have several hand washing stations as well as incorporate new hygiene routines for all campers to abide by when at the center.
  • Food/Water:  All campers will bring their own lunches to camp in disposable (paper or plastic) bags.  Water fountains will be turned off and campers will be encouraged to bring disposable water​​ bottles. (the center will also be providing additional single-use water bottles). When eating, campers (from the same Bunk) will be separated by 6 feet. Weather permitting, campers will eat outside. If eating inside, campers will be separated into different rooms to maintain 13 ft distance (unless campers are from the same household).
  • Temperature Checks: Daily, before exiting their vehicle, campers will have their temperature taken by touchless, infra-red thermometer by a designated staff member, in accordance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations. All staff members will also be tested (daily) before they walk into the building. Any person whose temperature reads 100.4 degrees or above will be asked to go home for the day.  During the course of the day, should a camper or a staff member show any signs of increased temperature or show signs of illness, they will be quarantined from the rest of the campers/staff until they can be picked up.
  • Separate Storage Bins:  To prevent contamination by touch, each camper will have an assigned storage bin for their supplies and such.
  • Masks: All campers will wear mask upon arrival at camp and when taking classes inside the building. Mask are also mandatory for outside classes, where fresh air and greater social distancing can be maintained."
  • Bathrooms: When campers need to use the restroom, all campers will be accompanied by a counselor who will take not more than 2 at a time (same sex) to the larger bathrooms.
  • Cleaning: Windows and doors will be open when safe and appropriate. Air cleaners will be used when necessary. Filters in the air conditioner will be changed once a week . Door jambs, door knobs, light switch, barre, benches/chairs, tables, tools, walkie-talkies, and phones will be wiped/washed down before each class. The center will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.


"My daughter loves Allens Lane Summer Art Camp and will not go anywhere else. We plan our summer vacations around camp so that she can attend at least 4 weeks. She's already asking if she can return next summer." - Amy Orvec

"Our camp experience last year (somewhere else) was not so great. This year, Kelly was in absolute heaven! She was up early and ready to go every morning (that never happens). Now she won't stop singing, dancing, painting or drawing! Worth every dime! Money well spent!" - Andrea Pitts

"Our son blossomed with his love of singing and dancing under the wonderful staff at Allens Lane's Summer Art Camp."  - Crystal Bianchi

"My daughter was exposed to such a wide variety of arts through perfomances, classes and trips. That combined with traditional camp activities such as the outdoor playground and games makes the Allens Lane Camp so unique."  - Suzanne Larito

Summer Art Camp Director - Sherry Ashton

A love of the arts has always played an important role in Ms. Ashton life. She started her professional career in the performing arts as a dancer and went on to become an actor, teacher and choreographer. She had principle parts in several movies, toured internationally with a dance revue and did a short national tour with a children's theater ensemble. She has belonged to several dance and theater companies, the most notable being the 127 th Street Repertoire in New York City. She taught classes for and directed several Summer Arts Enrichment Programs, along with the ongoing year-long programs.

All campers are grouped by age, with a leadership team of two counselors per group (during Covid, we strive for a ratio of 1 counselor for every 5 campers). All camp staff are selected for their maturity, responsibility, experience and sensitive understanding of children. Art, ceramics, dance and drama are taught by professionals. Many teach classes at Allens Lane Art Center throughout the year. Red Cross certified instructors supervise swimming activities. Additionally, all counselors attend a mandatory CPR class (taught by the Red Cross).

The Counselor-In-Training program for teens entering 9th through 12th grade has always been a special part of our camp.


Employment Opportunity
Allens Lane Art Center invites applications for CIT, Junior and Senior Counselors each year for our Summer Art Camp.

To apply for one of these positions, please fill out our online Summer Art Camp Employment Application.