Book Making

Class Description: Learn how to make a quick and fun handmade holiday book in just a few hours! You will learn how to create unique covers, sew in pages with an elegant Japanese stitching system and add pop-up elements to make your book engaging and fun. The beauty and simplicity of these techniques can inspire you to become a book-binding artist. By the end of the workshop, you will have a completed handmade book that can be used as a journal, artist book, or holiday gift.

Materials: All materials included

About the Instructor: Alicia Miño was born in Santiago, Chile, and began to study drawing and painting at the age of 13. The urban scapes and the dynamic people’s lives were essential in developing a socially oriented consciousness that influenced and guided her artistic path. She studied at the Metropolitan University of Chile and received her Master’s in Visual Communication. While studying in Italy, she participated in various important art events and solo exhibitions. These experiences improved her pictorial technique and gave her a deeper understanding of the positive impact that art has on our society. While in Philadelphia, she became a member of the 3rd Street Gallery. For the past nine years, she had the opportunity to hold solo and group shows along with many other local artists. In 2017, she had the honor to participate in the important “Capturing Realism Biennale” held at Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania. She has taught at various colleges and community art schools, including PAFA and Fleisher Art Memorial.