Summer Art Camp 2023 Parent Orientation Handbook


General Guidelines

  • Before Care & After Care
    • Before Care* is available in 4 and 8 week sessions from 7:30am - 8:30am.
    • After Care* is available in 4 and 8 week session’s from 3:30pm – 6:00pm.

*All Before and After Care registrations must be submitted to the main office prior to June 20 (the first day of camp) and must be paid in full at the time of registration

  • There will be no Water Party Day or Field Trips this summer.
  • High contact surfaces and shared equipment will be cleaned and sanitized by the Camp Staff throughout the day.
  • If a camper, or someone in their household, tests positive for or is exposed to COVID-19:
    • The camper must quarantine at home for 10 days
    • Refunds may be processed, on a prorated basis, with a letter from your Doctor

 Face Coverings

  • Required for staff.
  • Required for campers on arrival and while inside our facility. Campers will not be required to wear masks for classes and activities outside of the building. Exceptions for the playground.

 Camp Groups

  • Campers and staff will be in small groups (Bunks/Cohorts).
  • Bunks will remain together for the duration of the camp.
  • Bunks will not share supplies.

 Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Parents/guardians will be assigned a pick-up and drop-off time and place:
    • Times will be staggered.
    • Parents/guardians must adhere to assigned times.
  • At drop-off:
    • Staff will greet campers outside.
    • Staff will take Camper’s temperature.
    • Parents/guardians must notify staff about specific health symptoms.
  • Campers will wash or sanitize hands upon arrival.
  • Pick-up begins at 3:20pm
  • Pick-up locations will be the same as your drop-off location

 What will be the same this year?

  • Caring staff will make sure each camper has a fun and safe summer.
  • Camp activities will run from 8:45am to 3:20pm.
  • Camp will use outdoor and indoor facilities.
  • There will be an emphasis on outdoor classes.

What’s next?

  • Complete and provide the health form, proof of vaccination card & Covid-19 agreement and return the agreement to the main office at Allens Lane Art Center.


Sherry L. Ashton (Mrs. A.): Director, Summer Art Camp
A love of the arts has always played an important role in Mrs. A’s life. Mrs. A. started her professional career in the performing arts as a dancer and went on to become an actor, teacher and choreographer. She had principle parts in several movies (Bad Girls Dormitory, Stuck On You, Split and a bit part in Dawn of the Dead), toured internationally (London, Germany and Saudi Arabia) with a music revue, appeared on Another World and Guiding Light and did a short national tour with a children's theater ensemble. She has belonged to several dance and theater companies, the most notable being the 127th Street Repertoire in New York City. Mrs. A. has taught dance and acting for over 45 years. She has served as the director for several Summer Arts Enrichment Programs in Pittsburgh, New York and Philadelphia. Mrs. A. received her Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Dance with a minor in Psychology from Point Park

University and her Master’s Degree (MSIS) in Information Science from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus. This is Mrs. A’s 13th year as Director of Allens Lane Art Center’s (ALAC) Summer Art Camp.

Paige Weeks: Assistant Director & Pottery Specialist
Ms. Paige is a talented artist who is currently studying ceramics, painting, and drawing at the illustrious Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. Her main passions and focus’ are  ceramics and working with kids. She’s worked with children for over 8 years at Burn Brae Arts Camp, Abington Arts Center, with Penn University’s Community Based Enrichment Programs and at Allens Lane Art Center. This is Ms. Paige’s 3rd year with ALAC's Summer Art Camp.

Jean Johnson: Music/Vocal Specialist
Jean has performed music for over thirty years. A classically trained Coloratura, Ms. Johnson has worked professionally as a soloist; a section leader; a vocal coach; and a voice teacher, as well as an interim choral director. In 2011, Ms. Johnson was a vocal coach for the production, “A Gate Called Straight,” directed by Grammy winner Stephanie Mills; scored by three time Emmy winner, musician/composer, Bill Jolly.

Believing that “one must use it or lose it” Ms. Johnson is a member of Sounds of Joy!...A Music Ministry. The group specializes in liturgical music composed or arranged by African Americans and has ministered throughout the tri-state area. In 2017 Ms. Johnson and Sounds of Joy performed at the Mann in the Tribute Concert, "A Space Odyssey" with the Philadelphia Orchestra honoring Philadelphia native, Guion Bluford, Jr, the first African American Astronaut to travel in space. Ms. Johnson currently provides vocal instruction through the Allens Lane Art Center, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, Main Line School Night and via private lessons/sessions. This is Ms. Jean’s 12th year with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Colleen McMenamin: Drama Specialist
Colleen has been involved with theater since she was a child. She earned her Bachelor of Art degree in theater from King’s College. While studying in college she spent 2 summers as a storyteller and puppeteer at Knoebels Amusement Park. In addition, Colleen taught acting classes in puppetry and storytelling at a recreation center. Since college she's taught at many after-school programs teaching drama, as well as a professional puppet theater. She is happy to be back teaching drama to the creative campers at Allens Lane Art Center. This is Colleen's 6th year with ALAC's Summer Art Camp.

Nat Bard: Art Specialist
Nat earned his MFA at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and has been teaching at colleges and summer workshops ever since. Summer camps are a great chance to have fun and experiment, and Nat's got some fun art projects ready to go! This is Nat's 1st year with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Aquilah: Dance Specialist
Ms. Aquilah earned a B.A degree in Dance Performance & Choreography from Spelman College and will soon receive a M.F.A degree in Choreographic Inquiry from UCLA. She’s excited to continue teaching Philadelphia youth after recently wrapping up dance instruction at Syracuse University as an adjunct professor. In her first year at ALAC, Ms. Aquilah has worked in arts education for nearly 8 years along the East coast, mentoring and teaching the next generation of creatives! This is Ms. Aquilah’s 1st year with ALAC’s Summer Art Program.

Patrick Naugle: Head Counselor
Patick recently changed career paths when he retired from the Army. After receiving a BA in Business, he returned to school at Temple University to major in Secondary Education. Patrick was an avid thespian in high school and credits that art discipline with keeping him invested in school and on the straight and narrow. As an officer and pilot in the Army, Patick is used to organizing both people and tasks. This is Patrick’s 1st year with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Joshua Hantman: Senior Teaching Counselor
Joshua has been helping the children and wildlife of West Mount Airy for over forty years. Besides having as much fun as possible, his goal for this summer is to help the campers at Allen’s Lane Art Center’s Camp to make their own hand-made wooden toys from recycled wood. This is Joshua's 1st year with ALAC's Summer Art Camp.

Summer Hawkins: Senior Teaching Counselor
Miss Summer C. Hawkins is an artistic individual with a passion for growth and development. With over 20 years of experience in dance, her primary focus currently is teaching. She is an alumnus of Cab Calloway School of the Arts and Delcastle Technical High School, where she studied Dance, Drama and Digital Media. Miss Summer is also a track & field athlete and enjoys a plethora of sports and outdoor activities! She is very excited to be joining the team and is looking forward to a fantastic summer! This is Ms. Summer's 1st year with ALAC's Summer Art Camp.

Destiny Tucker: Senior Counselor
Destiny will be a senior at Penn State University this upcoming fall. Destiny is a student studying psychology with plans to get a PhD in psychology and become a pediatric psychologist. Destiny has always enjoyed working with children and is looking forward to spending the summer here at Allens Lane Art Center and hopefully there will be more to come. This is Destiny’s 1st year with ALAC's Summer Art Camp.

Adelina Heal: Junior Counselor
Adelina is a sophomore at the University of Vermont, studying Secondary Education. With a background in stage crew, her experience in theater has grown her love for the performing arts. She loves working in all mediums, but works mostly in fiber arts, collage, and painting. She is very excited to begin her first year working as a junior counselor. This is Adelina's 1st year as a Counselor with ALAC's Summer Art Camp.

Carla Saunders: Junior Counselor
Carla is currently a sophomore at Creative and Performing Arts High School (CAPA) majoring in dance. She’s had the opportunity to dance at The Academy of Music, Six Flags Great Adventures, Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington DC, 6ABC Thanksgiving Parade, and Spring/Winter dance shows at CAPA. She’s been studying at Philadanco for the past 2 years. Carla’s been attended ALAC’s camp from age 6-13. Carla sent a shout out to all of the parents “Hello! I love the performing arts. Dance is my favorite form of performing arts. But, ALAC gave me a chance to not only perform, but to create art, pottery, and so much more. From my experience, Allens Lane Art Center’s Summer Camp is the place to be!” This is Carla’s 2nd year as a counselor with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Alicia Gambrell: Junior Counselor
Alicia will be a junior this fall at Walter B. Saul High School. She always had her mind on more than one type of art and tried a handful of them. She always had a passion for kids and enjoyed spending time with the ones in her family. She’s excited as she is looking forward to working with ALAC this summer. This is Alicia’s 1st year with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Kayla Hamlin: Junior Counselor
This is Kayla Hamlin’s 1st year as a counselor with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Liberty Adebanwi: Counselor In Training (CIT)
Liberty is a rising Junior at Springfield High School. She loves kids and has attended a multitude of summer camps throughout her childhood. She's super excited to train as a counselor, and ready to form close and fun relationships with her campers. This is Liberty’s 1st year as a counselor with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

Kayla Hill: Counselor In Training (CIT)
Kayla’s headed to high school at Delaware Valley Friends. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends and photography. Kayla attended Allens Lane Art Center’s Camp for 2 years. While there she enjoyed acting class and especially pottery. She fell in love with pottery because it brought out her creativity. This year she is looking forward to being a CIT at Allens Lane. This is Kayla Hill’s 1st year as a counselor with ALAC’s Summer Art Camp.

The following information is presented to provide you with answers to most of the questions you may have as you prepare your child for the wonderful experience of attending Allens Lane Art Center’s (ALAC) Summer Art Camp (SAC). The Staff is always available to talk to you via the phone or Zoom conference and answer specific questions about your child’s day at camp.

We urge you to discuss with the Director and/or Assistant Director any matters that will be helpful to the staff in dealing with your child. Feel free to email us any notes you want us to give to the Specialist and/or your child’s counselor.

If your child will be absent, please notify the camp office as soon as you know and, if possible, no later than the evening prior to the absence. If it is a sudden illness, please notify us by 8:00AM.

Bunk assignments are determined by age and year in school. Special requests for group placement must be written on the application sheet or brought to the attention of the camp office prior to June 13th. We will honor your request, if possible.

All children will store their lunch and water daily in a dedicated basket on a rolling cart.

  • Items to bring to Camp Daily:
    • Lunch in a paper/disposable bag
    • 2 Disposable Bottles of water w name printed on the bottle
    • Ages 8-13 -- NOTHING
    • Ages 5-7 -- Change of clothing if your child is prone to accidents. On the first day of camp, 5-8 year old campers should bring 1 extra outfit, with underwear, to camp. All items should be labeled with your child’s name and age and placed in a large sealable plastic bag. They will be stored in a storage area at camp in case they are needed and returned if soiled or at the end of camp.

It is our policy to keep disciplinary issues minimized and to help children monitor their own behavior. The staff presents model age-appropriate behavior guidelines and reflective communications. We encourage self-control, self-direction, responsibility, and cooperation. When practical and safe, logical or natural, consequences will be presented to your child. We practice positive discipline which instructs the child as to what they should do. For example, “We walk inside the building,” versus, “No running!’ “Time out” may be used selectively for children who are at risk of harming themselves or others. The period of “time out” will be just long enough to enable the child to regain control of themselves and will never be longer than 1-2 minutes per each year of age. During the “time out” a member of the staff will visually observe the child.

Aggressive physical behavior (fighting, hitting, biting, etc.) by a child toward another child or staff member should not occur and is unacceptable. Staff members will intervene immediately should this type of situation occur in order to protect all of the children and encourage more acceptable behavior. Physical restraint (a staff member holding a child) will not be used except as necessary for control of the situation. Parents will be informed if such an incident occurs. If the child’s behavior is extremely disruptive, and/or harmful to him/herself/theirself or others, a parent may be asked to remove the child from camp for the day. If the behavior continues and becomes a pattern, the parent will be asked to remove the child permanently from camp. At that point the refund of your paid fees will be $50.00 per week, for each week enrolled. Open communication between home and camp is considered the key to effective discipline.

If a counselor deliberately hits a camper they are fired immediately.
If a camper hits a counselor they will be expelled from the Summer program.

For any parents who have not turned in forms including health, medical/doctor’s note, vaccination cards or Covid-19 parent agreement form, please do so immediately. The sooner we have this information, the more efficiently we will be able to care for your child.

The Health Form must be filled out by a parent, signed by a doctor and returned to the camp office or sent by e-mail no later than June 15th. Campers will not be permitted to attend camp without the health form, vaccination card proof AND COVID-19 AGREEMENT FORM! 

We will go above and beyond to keep our campers safe. Not only will we follow all guidelines of the CDC and the City of Philadelphia “FOR THE SAFE OPENING OF CITY SUMMER CAMPS,” but we will have multilayered mitigation strategies in place.


Drop-Off Procedure:

  • Before Care Drop-Off (Monday- Friday, 7:30am – 8:30am):
    • Parent/Guardian will park across from the Tennis courts and walk the camper pass barrier to ALAC’s front door and ring the bell. Parents please wear a mask while interacting with the Camp Staff.
    • Counselors will open the door, take campers' temperature and if it is below 100 degrees they will let campers inside.
    • Counselors will have the campers wash their hands in the 1st floor bathroom and then will go into the Dance Room.
    • Counselors will take campers to line up outside at 8:30am

Please make sure all people in the vehicle are wearing a mask (unless 2yrs and under) and the windows are down. Campers should be seated on the passenger side on the left in the back seat.

  • Standard Drop-Off (Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:40am):
    • Pull up to the sign with your child’s age group (Bunk number).
    • Roll the window down and camp staff will take the camper's temperature with an infra-red, no-touch, thermometer. If the temperature is below 100 degrees, the camper will step out of the vehicle. If the temperature is 100 or above degrees, they will be sent home with driver.
    • Vehicle will pull off and the camper will:
      • place their paper bagged lunch in basket
      • wash their hands, and
      • take their place on the stool with their name on it

Drop-off Times For:
Bunk 1 (ages 5-6) -- 8:40 am
Bunk 2 (age 7) -- 8:35 am
Bunk 3 (age 8) -- 8:35 am
Bunk 4 (ages 9 &10) -- 8:30 am
Bunk 5 (ages 11 - 13) -- 8:30 am


  • Please have vehicle windows open, and all passengers wearing a mask upon arrival
  • Pull-up to the signage designating your child’s bunk/Age Group
  • Younger camper’s doors will be opened for them to climb out of the vehicle
  • Once they have buckled up you will pull out.

 Pick-up Times For:

Bunk 1 (ages 5-6) -- 3:30 pm

Bunk 2 (ages 7) -- 3:30 pm

Bunk 3 (ages 8) -- 3:35 pm

Bunk 4 (ages 9-10) -- 3:40 pm

Bunk 5 (ages 11-13) -- 3:40pm

While we want to be available to answer any of your concerns and/or questions, we discourage face-to-face impromptu visits. If you need to speak with someone, please make an appointment and we will promptly set-up a Zoom face-to-face or have you park and meet with you on the outside picnic table or bench by the Camp Door. When exiting the art center, it is better to turn right onto Allens Lane and go around the block. Picking up your child is done the same way as drop off. Pick up begins at 3:20 pm. If someone else is picking up your child please let us know by emailing us at, or calling (215-248-0559) the camp, so that we can notify their counselor.


Please pick your children up on time. If your child has to be checked into aftercare and you are not registered, you will be billed $25.00 for the 1st time; $50.00 the 2nd time. If it occurs a 3rd time you will be billed the remainder of the 4 week Aftercare fee. Our aftercare program ends at 6:00 pm sharp. Please arrange for your child to be picked up on time. Our late fee is $10.00 for every five minutes after 6:00 pm.


Aftercare starts at 3:30pm and ends promptly at 6:00pm. Campers have an afternoon snack between 3:50pm and 4:15pm. We alternate movies and games and allow campers to work on their individual projects if they wish. Menus are posted on Fridays for the next week.



Hummus Carrots Celery

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Crackers and Cheese

Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Popcorn (freshly popped)

Fruit Kebab


Pita Pizza

Apple Toast

Parent/Guardian picking up campers will pull up to the parking lot on the side of the building and beep horn. After Care staff will bring out the Camper to your car.



On rainy days, please drop-off your child off next to the building across from the usual drop-off spot at your assigned time. Pick up will be done in the same way if it is still raining at the end of the day. Please pull up to the assigned spot close to the building (at your assigned time), and your child will be brought to you.


Send in a lunch every day in a disposable paper bag. We are not able to refrigerate lunch. Lunch is scheduled for 11:40am - 12:20pm. If you are concerned about spoilage, you can place an icepack wrapped in plastic in your child’s lunch. Please send lunches that do not need to be heated.


Please be sure to have campers wear closed toe shoes (preferably sneakers) each day, so that he/she does not miss out on a fun activity (socially distanced outside sports).


We are bringing our trips in-house or should I say OUTDOORS in-house. Guest performers, Workshop Classes and Virtual Tours will happen in lieu of Trip Day. So, every Thursday afternoon Guest Performers, Workshop Classes, Water Ice, Ice Cream, Popcorn and more at “JAMMIN @ The Lane.”


We do everything possible to keep the campers cool during the hot days of summer. Especially now that many classes are still held outside. However, there are a few things you can do to help out. Please make sure you send two disposable bottles of water with the paper bagged lunches. We will provide bottled water (in coolers placed around camp) throughout the day for our campers. For children who are very sensitive to the sun you may also want to have them wear a sun visor or baseball cap. We provide sunscreen so it is not necessary to send it in unless your child needs a specific brand.

Each Tuesday is based on different themes. Our campers will create, play, experience new things and bring back the old tried and true things.


We will post (on our Facebook Page or Website) a Works in Progress Virtual Mid Camp Production, the 4th week, as well as hold “The Art To Go” Driveway Exhibition and Show (Friday, July 15th). Our End of Camp Performance and Exhibit will take place on (Wednesday &/or Thursday, August 10th and/or 11thth). Every Friday look for our online camp newsletter “Camp Connections,” informing you of current and

coming events.

 “JAMMIN @ THE LANE” on Thursdays at 2022 Summer Art Camp
“THREE” Singing Group