Allens Lane Art Center's Virtual Summer Art Camp Registration is now open!

Virtual Camp Dates: June 22 - July 31, 2020

Since 1953 Allens Lane Art Center has hosted a summer art camp for kids ages 5-13, for 8 weeks of fun and arts education. With enrollment in physical camp limited to 40 campers this year, we are offering a separate, 6-week virtual camp experience to accommodate those campers who are unable or chose not to attend in person.  Parents are welcome to sign up their children for just one or all six weeks of virtual camp.

Our campers will join in the fun and activities from their own homes. Classes will be taught over Zoom. High speed internet access, a computer strong enough to handle the Zoom app, and a dedicated space where the kids can create are required.


For the Young Ones (age 5-6), we're offering a daily class from 10:30 - 11:45am filled with a variety of both visual and performing arts instructors (see weekly schedule below for details).


For our older campers aged 7-9 or the 10-13 year olds, we're offering two different classes a day.  A Visual Arts Class in the morning from 10:30 - 11:45am and a Performing Arts Class in the early afternoon from 12:30 -1:45pm.  Campers may register for either one of these classes or they may take both.


Our virtual summer art camp is a weekly class (M-F) that costs $150 per week.  Young Ones (aged 5 & 6) are offered one class per week. Older campers (ages 7-13) are offered a choice of visual or performing arts classes.  Older campers can also take both the visual and performing arts classes for $300. There are no discounts for virtual summer camp classes.


All campers get to log in to the camp at 9:30am on Tuesdays for extra fun and games with what we call Crazy Tuesdays.  Our camp director and staff will welcome the kids to camp with a variety of entertaining things to do to get them excited for their day.


Older campers (age 7-13) who take both Visual and Performing arts classes in the same week will get a $5 per week credit (up to $30 total) to use at the center on any of our programs throughout the next year (not a discount for this year's camp).  Once camp has ended, the Art Center will send you a credit certificate for the amount.

Physical Summer Art Camp

Our physical Summer Art Camp is back on.


For all campers registered for visual arts classes, a free weekly box of art supplies can be picked up at the Art Center.  Supplies will be made available on the Friday before each week of camp at the Art Center from 3:50 - 5:00pm and will be brought right to your car door by camp staff members (no contact).  These supply materials will contain some basics for doing their weekly arts projects but some projects will be made with common everyday items found in the home.  Supplies for the performing arts classes will be emailed to the campers (if applicable).



To register your camper for our virtual arts camp, click here.


Every day of the week our campers get a variety of activities so camp stays fun and interesting.  If the center is able to have enough campers, the final two weeks of camp will focus on finishing up art projects and rehearsing for a Virtual Camp Play and a Virtual Gallery Exhibit.

YOUNG ONES (ages 5 & 6)

Monday: WHO'S GOT MY PUPPET (Make your puppet characters and then create a play)

Tuesday: FAVE SONGS (Learn your favorite songs and sing them with your favorite movie character)

Wednesday: DANCING TO THE OLDIES (Learn old style dances using props you make at home)

Thursday: FROM MULAN TO PING (Who sings what - Learn the songs of Ping or Mulan)

Friday: BUILDING THE STORY (Using combinations of dance, art, music and drama to create a story )

VISUAL ARTS (ages 7 - 9)

Monday: FOUND ART (Go on a scavenger hunt to find articles in your house to create your work of art)

Tuesday: MY BOWL IS BETTER THAN MY BOWL (Clay - Hand-build different size, shapes and textures of bowls)

Wednesday: DISNEY AIN'T GOT NOTHIN ON ME (Using a collage technique, campers will make their favorite Disney characters)

Thursday: COUCH POTATOES (Clay - Hand-build the couch and favorite character, person &/or pet on the couch)

Friday: 3 DIMENSIONAL FIGURES (Build shapes, figures, characters with pipe cleaners and colored paper mache)

VISUAL ARTS (ages 10 - 13)

Monday: COUCH POTATOES (Clay - Handbuild the couch and favorite character, person &/or pet on the couch)

Tuesday: CARTOONS -- GOTTA LOVE EM (Create your own comic book)

Wednesday: DRAGONS & LIONS & BEARS 'OH MY' (Clay - Make a fantastical dragon, a beautiful lion or a growly bear. The sky's the limit)

Thursday: MURAL -- THE MAKING OF  (Arts&Crafts - Using painting, collage & found art to create our Mural)

Friday: MY HOUSE IS MY CASTLE (Clay - Apartment, house or castle there's no place like home.)

To register your camper for our virtual arts camp, click here.

"My daughter loves Allens Lane Summer Art Camp and will not go anywhere else. We plan our summer vacations around camp so that she can attend at least 4 weeks. She's already asking if she can return next summer."

Amy Orvec

"Our camp experience last year (somewhere else) was not so great. This year, Kelly was in absolute heaven! She was up early and ready to go every morning (that never happens). Now she won't stop singing, dancing, painting or drawing! Worth every dime! Money well spent!"

Andrea Pitts

"Our son blossomed with his love of singing and dancing under the wonderful staff at Allens Lane's Summer Art Camp." 

Crystal Bianchi

"My daughter was exposed to such a wide variety of arts through perfomances, classes and trips. That combined with traditional camp activities such as swimmiing and tennis makes the Allens Lane Camp so unique." 

Suzanne Larito

C.I.T. Program

The Counselor-In-Training program for teens entering 9th through 12th grade has always been a special part of our camp.

Jr. & Sr. Counselors

All campers are grouped by age, with a leadership team of three counselors per group (we strive for a ratio of 1 counselor for every 9 campers). All camp staff are selected for their maturity, responsibility, experience and sensitive understanding of children. Art, ceramics, dance and drama are taught by professionals. Many teach classes at Allens Lane Art Center throughout the year. Red Cross certified instructors supervise swimming activities. Additionally, all counselors attend a mandatory CPR class (taught by the Red Cross).

Employment Opportunity
Allens Lane Art Center invites applications for CIT, Junior and Senior Counselors each year for our Summer Art Camp.

To apply for one of these positions, please fill out our online Summer Art Camp Employment Application.

Camp Staff


Director - Sherry Ashton

A love of the arts has always played an important role in Ms. Ashton life. She started her professional career in the performing arts as a dancer and went on to become an actor, teacher and choreographer. She had principle parts in several movies, toured internationally with a dance revue and did a short national tour with a children's theater ensemble. She has belonged to several dance and theater companies, the most notable being the 127 th Street Repertoire in New York City. She taught classes for and directed several Summer Arts Enrichment Programs, along with the ongoing year-long programs.