Allens Lane Art Center's Summer Art Camp welcomes campers from all over the area, ages 5 - 12 to come and join in the fun. We also have a special program just for 13-year-olds called Intensive 13 (see bottom of this page).

Discounts available for returning campers, second child, active military parents and a friend referral refund.
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Our Summer Art Camp offers a unique blend of arts and athletic activities that gives each child a fun and memorable summer experience. The camp employs sports specialists as well as professional artists and art teachers to help our campers in the numerous activities we offer.We believe that it is just as important to exercise the mind as it is the body (especially during the summer) so we make sure to take advantage of our unique seven acre, Fairmount Park campus.

Each week campers spend time in our art studios, dance studios and theater as they learn from our team of well qualified professionals as well as spend time outside enjoying our open fields,  playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.

During the fourth and eighth week of camp, campers put on a gallery exhibition in our art gallery and a performance in our theater for family and friends. It's what art camp is all about! For the parents/guardians, a newsletter is sent home each week to keep you informed of upcoming activities. We've also an active Facebook page that lets parents see what fun and activities our kids are up to. Campers bring their own lunch (we do not refrigerate). Snacks are provided during aftercare extended hours.

HEALTH FORM: Please click on this link to access the camp's health form.  Please print out this form, fill it in, sign where appropriate, have your doctor sign where appropriate and then return this form prior to your child's start of camp.

Parent Orientation Handbook:  If you've registered your child for summer art camp this year, please click here to download our Parent Orientation Handbook.  It's a very useful guide as to what you'll need to know when sending your camper to Allens Lane Art Center this year.

Dates & Hours

1st Camp Open House 
Saturday, March 28th @11am - Canceled

2nd Camp Open House 
Saturday, May 16 @4pm

Parent Orientation
Saturday, May 16 @3pm

*Pre-Camp Dates  
June 15 - 19, 2020

Camp Dates
June 22 - August 14, 2020

Regular Camp Hours
8:30am – 3:30pm

AM Extended Hours (additional fees)
7:30am – 8:30am

PM Extended Hours (additional fees)
3:30pm – 6:00pm

*Pre-Camp is a week of camp that is designed for young  or first-time campers and those who may have an early end to their school year. Pre-Camp is discounted from the regular camp because there are no field-trips. Before and after care is not available for Pre-Camp.

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Our Summer Art Camp follows our mission of making the arts accessible to our entire community by giving our campers exposure to a wide variety of the arts and culture coupled with plenty of sports and play.

Arts and Culture

  • Campers attend classes in ceramics, painting & drawing, crafts, dance, voice and theater.
  • Campers perform two theatrical shows (weeks 4 and 8).  The first is a showcase to show off what campers have been learning and the final is the full play for all the campers.  The play for 2020 is Mulan.
  • Campers exhibit their artwork in our art gallery
  • Weekly field trips to exciting regional arts and cultural sites
  • Special weekly performances by invited artists (musicians, storytellers, etc..)

Sports and Play

  • Spray Days: children will play with sprinklers and water toys on our outdoor campus as they soak up the fun and the sun.
  • Playground, basketball and tennis courts with instruction.
  • A variety of indoor and outdoor cooperative games (weather permitting).
  • Fun activities for creative kids.
  • Crazy dress up and theme days.
  • Special rainy day activities.

Weekly Field Trips

Allens Lane Art Center's Summer Art Camp takes it's campers on weekly field trips to area Arts & Culture Destinations.  These trips usually include museums, walking tours and performance venues.  When appropriate, all campers will be bused to all field trips not within walking distance. There are no additional fees for field trips. Please note that on some field trips, you may want to send your child with a small amount of money for them to spend at the gift shops. All monies are administered through the assigned groups counselors.

Allens Lane SAC mural field trip

Field Trip Schedule

The 2020 Field Trip Schedule will be posted here once it's finalized.

Below is a sample schedule from last year (2019) to give you a basic idea of the types of field trips we offer.

Week 1 - Thursday, June 27, 2019

Week 2 - Thursday, July 4, 2019
No field trip scheduled due to the National Holiday

Week 3 - Thursday, July 11, 2019
Commodore Barry Irish Center

Week 4 - Thursday, July 18, 2019

Week 5 - Thursday, July 25, 2019
"Princess and the Pea"

Week 6 - Thursday, August 1, 2019

Week 7 - Thursday, August 8, 2019

Week 8 - Friday, AUGUST 16, 2019

"My daughter loves Allens Lane Summer Art Camp and will not go anywhere else. We plan our summer vacations around camp so that she can attend at least 4 weeks. She's already asking if she can return next summer."

Amy Orvec

"Our camp experience last year (somewhere else) was not so great. This year, Kelly was in absolute heaven! She was up early and ready to go every morning (that never happens). Now she won't stop singing, dancing, painting or drawing! Worth every dime! Money well spent!"

Andrea Pitts

"Our son blossomed with his love of singing and dancing under the wonderful staff at Allens Lane's Summer Art Camp." 

Crystal Bianchi

"My daughter was exposed to such a wide variety of arts through perfomances, classes and trips. That combined with traditional camp activities such as swimmiing and tennis makes the Allens Lane Camp so unique." 

Suzanne Larito

Intensive 13

This program is a mix of advance classes mixed in with pre-apprenticeship duties. All Intensive 13 Campers will be solely in Track Classes and specialty classes/workshops that pertain to their pre-apprenticeship duties. All Intensive 13 participants are allowed to perform in the play.  If the I-13 participant successfully completes the program they are eligible return as a CIT for the following year.

Track classes are more advanced visual, performing and technical art classes that are classes several steps above the basic classes offered to the rank and file campers. Pre-Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of the arts. Each of the Intensive 13 participants will be assigned a mentor(s) out of the Specialist and/or Teaching Senior Counselor and will work closely with that or those individuals.

Track Classes and Pre-Apprenticeship activities:

Musical Theater, Scene Study, Vocal Technique, Advanced Dance Technique, Sound and Light, Pottery Wheel, Stage Make-up, Set Design/Painting/Building, Costume: Design/Sewing/ Wardrobe, Mural: Prep/Painting/Coaching, Gallery Installation, Mosaic: Prep/Tile making/design/Coaching, Props: Finding and Making

INTERVIEW FOR INTENSIVE 13: Before you register your child for our Intensive 13 program, we ask that you please contact Sherry Ashton, Camp Director at camp@allenslane.org to arrange for an interview. All Intensive 13 campers must be interviewed first before enrollment to make sure that the program is the right fit and to make sure that we are placing your camper in the correct track and pre-apprenticeship program. - THANK YOU!

After you have had your interview with the Camp Director, please use the regular camp registration page to register your 13yr old into the Intensive 13 program.

C.I.T. Program

The Counselor-In-Training program for teens entering 9th through 12th grade has always been a special part of our camp.

Jr. & Sr. Counselors

All campers are grouped by age, with a leadership team of three counselors per group (we strive for a ratio of 1 counselor for every 9 campers). All camp staff are selected for their maturity, responsibility, experience and sensitive understanding of children. Art, ceramics, dance and drama are taught by professionals. Many teach classes at Allens Lane Art Center throughout the year. Red Cross certified instructors supervise swimming activities. Additionally, all counselors attend a mandatory CPR class (taught by the Red Cross).

Employment Opportunity
Allens Lane Art Center invites applications for CIT, Junior and Senior Counselors each year for our Summer Art Camp.

To apply for one of these positions, please fill out our online Summer Art Camp Employment Application.

C.I.T. Program

The Counselor-In-Training program for teens entering 9th through 12th grade has always been a special part of our camp.

Camp Staff


Director - Sherry Ashton

A love of the arts has always played an important role in Ms. Ashton life. She started her professional career in the performing arts as a dancer and went on to become an actor, teacher and choreographer. She had principle parts in several movies, toured internationally with a dance revue and did a short national tour with a children's theater ensemble. She has belonged to several dance and theater companies, the most notable being the 127 th Street Repertoire in New York City. She taught classes for and directed several Summer Arts Enrichment Programs, along with the ongoing year-long programs.