The Art of Collage

Class Description: Dive into the versatile and exciting medium of collage. A fun and intuitive way of working, collage can expand your perspective, ignite your creativity, and refresh your visual aesthetic. In this class, we’ll utilize a variety of media, such as pigments and gouache as well as printmaking inks. We’ll look at examples of master collage artists for inspiration and discuss the fundamentals of art during group feedback sessions.  All levels of experience are welcome.


 Student Supplied:
X-Acto knife (Stanley standard grey knives recommended but really any that you feel comfortable using)
Small spray bottle
Cutting mat
(We will discuss more supplies during the first class)

Instructor Supplied:
BFK Rives 22”x30” (300g/m2) (@ $4.50/sheet)
Wheat starch paste
One sheet of luan

Current Class Sections
Wednesday 6:30 - 9:30pm | Jan 18 - Mar 22
10 Weeks | Ages 18+ | $TBD

About the Instructor:Julie Zahn is a printmaker and painter. She is trying to make a positive mark on the world by creating a serene oasis on her urban spot of land. This environment permeates her work, in which she uses images of birds and plants, light and color, to make visual compositions.