Theater Open Auditions

Open Auditions

Allens Lane Theater holds open auditions for our Main Stage and Readers Theater productions. Non-traditional casting is highly encouraged and we invite actors of all ages, races and ethnicities to audition. Upcoming audition notices are posted here when they become available.

Readers Theater Auditions

Non-union auditions for Allens Lane Theater’s staged reading of Sex Ed by Brittany Brewer, directed by Sarah Heddins, will be held via Zoom:

Sunday, March 28 4PM-6PM, and Tuesday, March 30 6PM-8PM.

To schedule an audition email with “Sex Ed Submission” in the subject line. Please include a headshot and resume, indicate which character you like to be considered for (see plot and character descriptions below), which date you would prefer, as well as any time preference you might have. Audition sides will be emailed with your appointment time confirmation (full script available upon request). Sex Ed will be filmed for streaming and (conditions permitting) may be filmed in person at Allens Lane Art Canter, 601 W. Allens Lane in Mt. Airy. *in-person conditions depending on all performers comfort and safety guidelines*

This is an unpaid performance, with rehearsals once a week until final filming.

Sex Ed Synopsis: Meet your teenage protagonist, Mia, and follow her journey as she struggles with self-articulation, boundaries, and strong relationships. Sex Ed explores female friendship in a world that is usually more interested in your relationship status. And why shouldn’t it? After all, baes come and go, but friendship is forever.



(3 Women, 3 Men – male roles will be played by 1 performer)

*The themes explored in this play (self-articulation, boundaries, strong female friendships, abusive romantic relationships) are not race-specific stories; Performers of all ethnicities and identities are encouraged to apply*

Mia: (mid-teens to early 20s) Feels as if she does not have permission to be herself. Intellectual. Overthinker. She lives in her head in the best and worst of ways because speaking often feels like it carries a greater risk.

Savannah: (mid-teens to early 20s) Bold. Outspoken. Charismatic. Wants to be a great friend, but doesn’t always know how to be one. She really tries.

Emma: (mid-teens to early 20s) Smart. Sardonic. Sassy. Sweet-ish. A whole bunch of “S” words.


Jimmi: (18 year old man) Quieter. Nerdy. Has recently discovered a surge of confidence, which probably originates from his new senior hobby: hitting on WAY too many freshmen (always surprised that he is successful). He really thinks he is nice. And it hurts people.

Logan: (mid-20s) Wow is he quintessentially boy next door in disguise, and just about the secretly slimiest person you’ll ever meet.

Cody: (mid-20s) It seems like he is the type with a hidden heart. He isn’t. Wants to take everything you offer, but can’t give in the same way.