How do I make a reservation?
You may make a reservation through our online reservation form, or in person (at least a day prior to the performance). Please see our reservation page for more details.

How will I know if my reservation has been received?
If you reserve via the web, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Will I receive a ticket prior to arriving at the theater?
No. Allens Lane Theater does not issue tickets prior to performances. When you arrive, simply go to the box office and give them your name. You will be given tickets for the show at that time.

How will I know if a show is sold-out?
If a show is sold-out, the outgoing message on the telephone reservation line (215-248-0546, option #1) will indicate it. It will also be listed on our site as being sold out and the option to choose it will no longer be available.

If I am a subscriber and I miss a show, can I use those tickets for another show later in the season?
No. We're sorry, but we don't allow the exchange of unused tickets. We do allow subscribers to pass along their tickets (for the show they will miss) to family and friends.  Simply tell the person to use your name when making reservations and to then give your name at the door.

What types of food and drink may I bring into the theater?
Although normally we allow food and drink before the performances, because of the current Covid pandemic, Allens Lane Theater is not allowed to have food and drink within our theater space (see current CDC Guidelines). Thank you.