Open Theater Auditions

Open auditions are held for each Allens Lane Theater (ALT) production. ALT encourages and practices non-traditional casting. Callbacks may be scheduled at the director's discretion.

If you would like to add your resume and headshot to our talent file, which is available to all directors, please send to ALT, 601 West Allens Lanereet, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Auditions may be attended by other directors for the purpose of observing potential talent for future productions.


Audition Notice:
Auditions for Allens Lane Theater's Production of The Bible: The Complete Word of God Abridged
Written by Adam Long, Reed Martin, Austin Tichenor
Directed by Mariangela Saavedra

Running May 3rd- 19th (Fri, Sat and Sun) at Allens Lane Art Center.

Auditions are Monday February 18th 7pm-9pm, and Tuesday February 19th 7pm-9pm.

Call Backs are by invitation on Thursday January 21st at 7pm. (Rehearsals will not begin till March 3rd.)

Please email headshot and resume to the director at to secure an audition slot.

Casting 3 Men or 3 Women, or any combination there of, who are comfortable with some level of improvisation, audience participation and light singing on stage.

Sides will be provided after your audition is scheduled.

Play Synopsis:

Did Adam and Eve have navels? Did Moses really look like Charlton Heston? And why isn’t the word “phonetic” spelled the way it sounds?
Can three actors accurately and hilariously relay all the great stories and lessons found in the Bible - in one evening?

Join us for a fun-filled romp through old-time religion.

A small stipend will be made available at the end of the run.