Open Theater Auditions

Open auditions are held for each Allens Lane Theater (ALT) production. ALT encourages and practices non-traditional casting. Callbacks may be scheduled at the director's discretion.

If you would like to add your resume and headshot to our talent file, which is available to all directors, please send to ALT, 601 West Allens Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119 or email it to

Auditions may be attended by other directors for the purpose of observing potential talent for future productions.

Allens Lane Theater Auditions for DEATHTRAP” By Ira Levin


On ZOOM by Appointment, Saturday September 26th from 4pm-7pm and Sunday September 27th from 2pm-5pm. Casting all roles.

This play will be presented in a very unique way online, safely rehearsed with no in person rehearsals, as a live video play for streaming by our patrons. There is a small stipend available for those cast.

Please see below from the Director about this production, and email your headshot and resume to: Please indicate your preference of audition date and time.

From the Director Ryan Walter:

We live in crazy times where human contact has been denied us, yet theatre always finds a way and to that end I have adapted this script. Live radio plays have been around for many years now, yet never before has their format fit the times so well. The form requires creativity and thoughtfulness, the pursuit of which leaves us with rare unexpectedly magical moments. We will embrace the hilarious absurdity of our lives and use it as a lens through which to find comedic joy in the tangle of twists and turns that this play will take us on. Deathtrap the Live Video Play is a complicated web of deceit and farce with the Narrator perched on the edge like a spider watching with delight as the characters struggle to escape its clutches (the characters are the flies, just go with me here). Like all things these days this will be an experiment, an adventure, a challenge, one in which I hope you will all join me.


Deathtrap remix


Characters (All characters have been left ungendered and open in terms of their appearance as I believe they can be played by anyone who connects with their story, but I highly, Highly, HIGHLY encourage those from under-represented groups to apply. Bring the lens of your own life to the work, that’s what I really want to see.)

SIDNEY BRUHL - An older playwright living out the remainder of their years basking in the glow of their one big success, The Murder Game. Sidney has been working in the business for decades and living with their spouse Myra for just about as long. As they have aged Sidney’s career has floundered and all they want is to find a way to relive the glory days, a goal for which they are prepared to do anything. Recently Sidney taught a seminar and after that something has changed, something is building. All those years of writing murder mysteries, all those plays, all those crime scenes have lead to this moment in Sidney’s life. The question is, to what extremes are they willing to go in order to reclaim their power?

MYRA BRUHL - The long suffering spouse of the inimitably famous Sidney Bruhl, author of The Murder Game. Myra has been with them for all the long roller coaster of Sidney’s career. Myra comes from a wealthy family but was swept off their feet by the young brilliant writer in the prime art making years of their life. Myra has been happy to lend their wealth to this journey, even when that meant losing it all along the way. Now Sidney’s career has petered out and Myra is happy to be living a simpler life as they slowly work their way out of debt. Myra sees Sidney’s growing distress as their lives change, but they know that it will all work out somehow in the end. Yet, Sidney has been playing with their weapon collection quite often recently and this has Myra just a bit nervous. Maybe all of Sidney’s talk about being willing to kill for another hit play wasn’t just a joke? And what will Myra do if the person they love crosses the line?

CLIFFORD ANDERSON - A highly promising young playwright who found themself with the rare honour of learning at the feet of their heroic idol, Sidney Bruhl author of The Murder Game. Clifford attended a seminar back several months ago and formed a strong connection with Sidney that led to their writing their own, hopefully, hit play. Clifford has clearly been influenced by the murder mystery mastery of Sidney, and has now sent in their newly written play for approval. Clifford waits with bated breath on a response from the one person whose opinion matters more than anything else in the world. What will their response be? And what really happened at that seminar?

HELGA TEN DORP - You might have seen them on Tv, yes? Famous the world over for their psychic powers and crime fighting skills, Helga ten Dorp has just moved into the area. They are taking a break from working with the Hollander Police, too much paperwork, and are now relaxing at a cottage next door. Helga never expected to predict anything more pressing than their next meal, but the house down the hill, home to that playwright Sidney Bruhl, author of The Murder Game, has secrets and they are giving Helga a headache. Will they be able to discover the truth and find peace? Or has Helga left the murders of Holland only to have one happen right next door?

PORTER MILGRAM - The long time attorney of one Sidney Bruhl, author of (you guessed it) The Murder Game. Porter had dreams of being an artist themselves, but could never quite match up and so they used the law degree they got along the way to get in close to those that could match up. Porter has worked with Sidney for years, but recent events have brought them up to Connecticut with tantalizing news about the future. What does Porter know? And what will Porter find when they arrive?

NARRATOR - In the grandest and oldest sense of the word. Blessed with a voice that you can sink into and be swept along by. The Narrator is the outside eye, the audience made carnate, and our guide through this twisted tale. The only one who trule knows how this Murder Game will work, the one with all the answers, the one who sets the scene. Do they hide secrets of their own? Where does this voice come from? Who truly is the Narrator?