Open Theater Auditions

Open auditions are held for each Allens Lane Theater (ALT) production. ALT encourages and practices non-traditional casting. Callbacks may be scheduled at the director's discretion.

If you would like to add your resume and headshot to our talent file, which is available to all directors, please send to ALT, 601 West Allens Lanereet, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Auditions may be attended by other directors for the purpose of observing potential talent for future productions.

Auditions for THE UNDERSTUDY at Allens Lane Theater

Non-union auditions for Allens Lane Theater’s May production of THE UNDERSTUDY by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Robert Bauer, will be held on Monday and Tuesday evenings, January 13 and 14, beginning at 7:00. To schedule an audition email with UNDERSTUDY in the subject line. Indicate for which character you will be reading (see plot and character descriptions below), on which evening you will be auditioning, and any time preference you might have. Please attach a resume and photo. Audition sides will be emailed with your appointment time confirmation. Auditions are by appointment only. Walk-ins will be seen as time allows. Auditions will be held at Allens Lane Art Canter, 601 W. Allens Lane in Mt. Airy. Performances are May 1 to 17 (Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm).

A small stipend will be paid at the end of the run.

PLOT: Harry is a serious, if under-employed, actor who disdains Hollywood’s obsession with big-budget action movies. He’s just been hired as an understudy for a prestige Broadway production, where he’ll be understudying Jake, a highly-paid, but still second-level Hollywood action star, who wants to be seen as a serious actor. Their first rehearsal together is being run by Roxanne, the stage manager, who just happens to have a history with Harry. (He sort of left her at the altar.) But, in spite of personal differences and humorous complications, the show will definitely go on… Or will it?

CHARACTERS (all are 20s –30s and may be any race or ethnicity):

HARRY is the new understudy, thrilled to be standing on a Broadway stage for the first time. The prospect of possibly going on in a newly discovered play by Franz Kafka is very exciting for him. Harry takes his art seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. He has no idea that the stage manager is his former fiance.

JAKE is a handsome and successful, if not major, Hollywood film star. He is very well paid for the action movies he’s known for, and is always looking for the next major movie deal in order to boost his career. Appearing on Broadway in a newly discovered play by Franz Kafka looks good on his resume.

ROXANNE is the stage manager who is in charge of rehearsing Harry as Jake’s understudy. She is very professional, very much in charge, and very frustrated by the (unseen) tech person in the booth who is probably high, and who can’t seem to get any of the cues right. She arrives not knowing that the new understudy is the guy who jilted her.

ART 4 Understudy mockup