Open Theater Auditions

Open auditions are held for each Allens Lane Theater (ALT) production. ALT encourages and practices non-traditional casting. Callbacks may be scheduled at the director's discretion.

If you would like to add your resume and headshot to our talent file, which is available to all directors, please send to ALT, 601 West Allens Lanereet, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Auditions may be attended by other directors for the purpose of observing potential talent for future productions.

Audition Notice for Stop/Kiss

Show Dates (9): November 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 at 8:00 PM; November 17, 24, and December 1 at 2:00 PM.

Characters: 2F (Leads), Ages mid-20s to mid-30s; 2M (Supporting), Ages mid-20s to mid-30s; 2F (Supporting), Ages late-30s to mid-40s; 1M (Supporting), Age late-30s to mid-40s

Audition Dates: Tuesday, August 20, 7 PM-10 PM. Callbacks, if needed, Sunday, August 25, 7 PM-10 PM. No appointment necessary. Actors will be seen on a first come/first served basis. Male and female actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition.

Audition Format: Cold readings from the script. Audition Location: Allens Lane Theater, 601 West Allens Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119. Show Dates (9): November 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 at 8:00 PM; November 17, 24, and December 1 at 2:00 PM.

Inquiries: Please contact director Lauri Jacobs at with any questions. Also, if possible, please send a resume and headshot in advance of the audition dates.

Other Information:  Those auditioning for the leads (Callie and Sara) must have minimal conflicts with the rehearsal schedule between September 3 and November 14.  Other characters will have more flexibility.  Rehearsals will generally be held three times per week based on cast availability.  Please bring your calendar to the audition and be ready to make note of ALL conflicts you have between September 3 and November 14.

A small stipend will be paid at the end of the run.

ART 4 Stop Kiss dates

Audition Notice for The Philadelphia Story

Auditions for "The Philadelphia Story" by Philip Barry , production dates Jan. 10,11,12,17,18,19,24,25,and 26th will be held at The Allens Laner Art Center: time slots still available are on Sept. 23rd from 7:15-8 P.M.

Please e-mail the director, Noel Hanley at for your appointment.


TOM: the butler. Careful, helpful, observant

EDWARD: a servant. This role can be combined with Tom.

ELSIE: a maid. Helpful, quiet.

MAY: a maid. Can be combined with Elsie.

MacCAULAY (MIKE) CONNOR: reporter. Blunt, idealistic, political , creative, resentful, romantic, hopeful. Surprised by being attracted to Tracy Lord.

ELIZABETH (LIZ) IMBRIE: photographer. Wry, subtle, clever, divorced, lovelorn, smart.

K. DEXTER HAVEN: divorced from Tracy after 10 months of marriage; his lifelong love. Born to wealth, well liked, under-standing, romantic, calm, conciliatory, tolerant, intelligent.

GEORGE KITTREDGE: Tracy’s fiancé. Handsome, charming, successful, idealistic, rigid, prudish , dull, self-made.

MAC: Night watchman, guard, servant. Friendly.

TRACY LORD (oldest daughter): Witty, sophisticated, proud, Vulnerable, proud, rigid, high minded, confused.

MARGARET LORD (wife & mother): Betrayed, loyal, pleasant, Dignified, conventional.

DINAH LORD (daughter, sister): Opinionated, mischievous, schemer, smart, concerned.

ALEXANDER (SANDY) LORD- 26 ?: Son, brother, married. Pleasant, energetic, schemer, diplomatic, mischievous.

SETH LORD (father): Stern, hurt, charming. Carries anger towards proud, perfectionist Tracy.

WILLIE (UNCLE WILLIE) TRACY: Retired lawyer, irascible, confident, mischievous, wily.

ART 4 Philadelphia