Past Exhibitions

The Alber Gallery has exhibited Philadelphia artists for over 70 years!

Past Exhibits

Over the last decade, the gallery program at Allens Lane Art Center has offered many exhibitions of artists from the Philadelphia area.

The following is a partial list of those artists who we’ve had the pleasure to work with during this time:

David Graham, Leo Sewell, Hee Sook Kim, Glynnis Reed, Brienne Rosner, Craig Stover, Amber Art & Design, Michelle Marcuse, Martina Johnson-Allen, Sandi Pierantozzi, Neil Patterson, Michael Rossman, Artists Cultural Exchange (ACX), Marcia Jones, Martha Knox, Corneila Keitzman, Robert Fluhr, Simone Spicer, Dan Oliva, Lisa Haun, Mary Agnes Williams, Henrietta and Reinhold Edelschein, Gerald Cyrus, Tish Ingersoll,Thom Goertel, Bryan Karl Lathrop, Don R. Miller, Charles J. Adams, Melissa Maddonni Haimes, Caitlin T. McCormack, Mi-Kyoung Lee, Eva Preston, Heather Ujiie, Works from the Cindy Ettinger Printmaking Studio, Andrea Wohl and Colin Keefe, Jonathan Eckel, Richard Metz, John Dowell, Ron Rumford, Matthew Colaizzo, Sarah Kaufmann, Robert Hansen, Julie Zahn, Ruth Wolf, Lara Cantu-Hertzler, Carol Taylor-Kearney, Sarah Langsam, Carla Fisher, Cari Freno, Gina Michaels, Nancy Agati, Cynthia Back, Lun Godley, Amie Potsic, Leslie Pontz, Glen Allens, Brandon Cooper, Rebecca Kolodziejczak, Marc Andre Robinson, Keunho Peter Park, Ron Tarver, Janice Strawder, Debra Felix, Jessica Liddell, Laura Lyn Stern, Lisa Muller, Katia McGuirk, John McDanials, Nannette Clark, Jonathan Greenberg, Colin Pezzano, Don Fortenberry, Priscilla Bohlen, David Aipperspach, Jud Sharp, James Maurelle, Linda Garfield, Jenna Hannum, Dot Vile, Kassem Amoundi, Greg Brelloch, Hanna Vogel, Kelly Dzioba, Shawn Theodore, and Vita Litvak, Nicole Donnely, Krista Svalbonas, Natasha Zeta, Henry Bermudez.

*List Incomplete. Records for exhibitions prior to 2008 are incomplete.  Artists who have shown their work at Allens Lane Art Center in group or solo shows who would like to be added to this list can email us at

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