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We are committed to producing purposeful, challenging, and unique theater experiences including the best of contemporary drama, exciting new works, plays for young audiences, and boldly reimagined classics.


The Secretaries

By The Five Lesbian Brothers
Directed by Josh Hitchens

Patty Johnson is thrilled to join the secretarial pool at the Cooney Lumber Mill, but she soon begins to feel that all is not right – lumberjacks keep disappearing and the secretaries might be a cult!.

Dearly Departed

By David Bottrell and Jessie Jones
Directed by Dakota Adams

In the Baptist backwoods of the Bible Belt, the beleaguered Turpin family proves that living and dying in the South are seldom tidy and always hilarious.

Real Women Have Curves

by Josefina Lopez
Directed by Mark Branche

Set in a tiny sewing factory in East L.A., five full-figured Mexican-American women race to meet nearly impossible production deadlines in order to keep their business from going under.

Life Sucks

By Aaron Posner
Directed by Robert Bauer

In this brash reworking of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, a group of old friends, ex-lovers, estranged in-laws, and lifelong enemies gather to grapple with life’s thorniest questions—and each other.



By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Shannon Hill

Dying too young on her wedding day, Eurydice must journey to the underworld, where she reunites with her father and struggles to remember her lost love in this reimagining of a classic Greek myth.


By Ira Levin
Directed by Ryan Walter

Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a dry spell when he receives a script from a student that could be good enough to kill for.

The Weir

By Conor McPherson
Directed by Josh Hitchens

In a bar in rural Ireland, the local men swap spooky stories in an attempt to impress a young woman from Dublin who recently moved into a nearby “haunted” house.

A Body of Water

By Lee Blessing
Directed by Robert Bauer

Moss and Avis, a middle-aged couple, wake up one morning in an isolated summer house high above a picturesque body of water – and neither of them can remember who they are.


The Insanity of Mary Girard

By Lanie Robertson
Directed by Mariangela Saavedra

In this haunting and highly theatrical piece, Mary Girard, committed to an insane asylum in 1790, envisions dancing “furies” who impersonate people from her past.

Stop Kiss

By Diana Son
Directed by Leigh Jacobs & Lauri Jacobs

After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love and their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate.

The Philadelphia Story

By Philip Barry
Directed by Noel Hanley

This smash Broadway comedy, about an eventful wedding weekend at the estate of a wealthy American family, inspired an Oscar-winning film and the hit musical High Society.

Keely and Du

By Jane Martin
Directed by Scott Grumling & T. Patrick Ryan

Du, a right-to-life activist, and Keely, a pregnant rape victim Du is confining, transcend their circumstances and the ideological issues that separate them.


The Country

By Martin Crimp
Directed by Robert Bauer

Richard and his wife Corinne have moved to the country to start a new life, but with the arrival of an unexpected visitor It gradually emerges that all is not as it seems.

Sabrina Fair

By Samuel Taylor
Directed by Noel Hanley

This version of the Cinderella fable is set on Long Island in the 1950s, and deals with the involvement of a very rich family with Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of their chauffeur. 

Over the River and Through the Woods

By Joe DiPietro
Directed by Marilyn Yoblick

A hilarious family comedy centered around Nick, a single Italian-American guy from New Jersey who has to tell his grandparents he has a dream job offer in Seattle – and the news doesn’t sit so well.

26 Pebbles

By Eric Ulloa
Directed by Scott Grumling & T. Patrick Ryan

This play, based on interviews conducted with the community of Newtown, Connecticut, explores the devastating ramifications of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)

By Adam Long, Reed Martin, & Austin Tichenor
Directed by Mariangela Saavedra

An affectionate, irreverent roller-coaster ride from fig leaves to Final Judgment – Whether you’re spiritually inclined or not you will be tickled by this romp through old-time religion.


The Grapes of Wrath

By Frank Galati
Directed by Josh Hitchens

Reduced to poverty by the loss of their farm, the Joad family piles their few possessions on a battered old truck and head west for California, hoping to find work and a better life.

Rasheeda Speaking

By Joel Drake Johnson
Directed by Scott Grumling & T. Patrick Ryan

This tense workplace thriller examines the realities of so-called “post-racial” when two co-workers—one black, the other white—are driven apart by the machinations of their boss. 

You Can’t Take It With You

By George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart
Directed by Noel Hanley

One of the most popular and successful plays of modern times, You Can’t Take It With You is Kaufman and Hart’s hilarious, delightful portrait of a charmingly eccentric family.

The Most Deserving

By Catherine Trieschmann
Directed by Nancy Kreider

In this comedy about gossip, politics, and opinions about art, a small town arts council has $20,000 to award to a local artist with an “under-represented American voice” and must decide who gets it

I Hate Hamlet

By Paul Rudnick
Directed by Mariangela Saavedra

A young and successful television actor relocates to New York to play Hamlet – a role and play he hates – and is surprised to find himself haunted by the intoxicated ghost of John Barrymore!


Rapture, Blister, Burn

By Gina Gionffrido
Directed by Maurizio Giammarco

After grad school, Catherine and Gwen chose polar opposite paths, but decades later, unfulfilled in polar opposite ways, each woman covets the other’s life.


By Neil Simon
Directed by Noel Hanley

When they gather to celebrate a tenth wedding anniversary, four New York power couples experience confusions and miscommunications that drive them into farcical hilarity.

And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie
Directed by Josh Hitchens

Ten strangers with wicked secrets are summoned to a remote island, and as the weather turns bad they are murdered one by one in accordance with the lines of a sinister nursery rhyme. 

An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein

By Shel Silverstein
Directed by Mariangela Saavedra

These ten short plays welcome you to the darkly comic world of Shel Silverstein, where nothing is as it seems and where the most innocent conversation can turn menacing in an instant.


By Harold Pinter
Directed by Robert Bauer

The play begins with the meeting of Emma and Jerry, whose adulterous affair of seven years ended two years earlier – and then each scene moves backward in time up to the affair’s beginning.

Community Voices

In 2020 and 2021, Allens Lane Art Center presented Community Voices, a series of one night, interactive talks by people within our Philadelphia Community.


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