Vision Thru Art

Allens Lane Art Center would like to thank a very generous donation of theater tickets for the production of Molly Sweeney to our artists in this challenging time of Covid.  - THANK YOU!


A Sculpture Class for the Blind and Visually-Impaired

PLEASE NOTE:  At this time, because of current CDC Guidelines on occupancy sizes plus the constrains of in-person classes with those who are imuno-comporomised, our Vision Thru Art program is temporarily suspended.  We hope to start back up again in the late Fall (2020) if guidelines allow.

Vision Thru Art is a weekly sculpture class for blind and visually-impaired artists that has been running at Allens Lane Art Center for more than 30 years. Our dedicated faculty, staff and volunteers help the students express their inner vision through a variety of media including clay, wood, mosaic, stone and other mixed materials. The students are encouraged to work at their own pace while enjoying the easy-going social atmosphere of the class. In 2014, Allens Lane Art Center made the class completely free for all the students including free art supplies each year.

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Location: The Fluhr Studio - (downstairs back studio accessible by rear entrance). Many of the students use Para-transit to get to the class. Service dogs are of course welcome.

Time/Date: Wednesdays from 10am - noon. Fridays 10am -- noon.. Classes start in mid-September and run until late May/early June.

Fees: There are no registration or materials fees for this class.

Registration: Currently, this class is full. We have created a waiting list for registration for this class. To be placed on the waiting list, please email us with your name, contact information (mailing address, phone number and email address). As spaces become available, we will contact the next person on the waiting list.

In 2004, twelve pieces by Vision Thru Art students were included in the National Exhibit of Blind Artists that travelled from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Main Line Unitarian Church and finally the Free Library.  Student Ron Bryant won First Award in Sculpture for "St. Gabriel," and Kathy Faul won Recognition Awards for "Bride of the North Wind" and "Babette." In 2014, several works from the class exhibition in the Carolyn and Howard Alber Gallery show at the Center traveled to an exhibition at Philadelphia's City Hall and were placed in an extended exhibition highlighting the center and it's program.  The participants in the program continue to show in the Center's Alber Gallery every 3/4 years and also participate in our annual Holiday Art and Craft Sale in December.

"My art creations through the Vision Thu Art program are a source of pride for me and my familiy and friends."
- Jane Kohn, artist/student

"If I didn't become blind, I never would have been an artist."
- Don Lorah, artist/student

"The Vision Thru Art program has changed my life. I never thought I had the ability to be an artist."
- Frank Madison, artist/student

To learn more about the program and register for this class, please contact us at 215-248-0546.


Vision Thru Art is proudly supported by The Philadelphia Foundation's Esther and Sidney Kulick Memorial Fund.

For more than a quarter century, Sidney and Esther Kulick were permanent fixtures at Allens Lane Art Center and lent their talents and voices to help make this organization what it is today.  Mr. Kulick served in a variety of roles and even served as the President of the organization (1976-78) while Mrs. Kulick participated in a number of committees, edited the center’s newsletter, worked with the summer camp for kids and even found time to take sculpture classes as a student. After their years of service, both Kulicks lent their names as honorary trustees which helped generate additional connections and good-will toward the center.

The Esther and Sidney Kulick Memorial Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation has continued Mr. and Mrs. Kulick's support for Allens Lane Art Center by awarding two multi-year grants to fund Vision Thru Art, our weekly sculpture class for blind and visually-impaired students.  This program has called Allens Lane Art Center home for nearly 25 years. The Kulick Memorial Fund's generous support is helping us lay a strong foundation for the next 25.


Vision Thru Art is proudly supported by the Bartol Foundation

In 2019, Allens Lane Art Center was awarded a grant by the Bartol Foundation to help support the Vision Thru Art program.  Their support will enable the program to continue offering free classes and free art materials to all of those who participate in the program (Sept. - May of each year).