Keeping Her Name Alive: Allens Lane Inaugurates the RMMB Emerging Curatorial Fellowship, in Honor of Rebeccah Milena Maia Blum

September 28, 2023

Allens Lane Art Center welcomes the community to the opening reception for KEEPING HER NAME ALIVE this Friday, September 29 from 5-7pm, a group exhibition that will inaugurate the RMMB Emerging Curatorial Fellowship.

KEEPING HER NAME ALIVE launches the RMMB Emerging Curatorial Fellowship, which celebrates the life and memory of Rebeccah Milena Maia Blum, a passionate fine arts curator, gallerist, writer and publicist in the international art scene. Even though the location of her life and work was Berlin, Germany, her family is based in the United States. As a child, Rebeccah spent the years of 1969-1979 in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, a place of origin for her family, joyfully spending the summers at the Allens Lane Art Center Day Camp. Rebeccah Blum was a notable inspiration in the international art scene, and died suddenly in 2020, leaving a gap and prompting many to commemorate her. The fellowship and the fundraising exhibition alongside it are a major effort in her honor.

Throughout the exhibit, one can feel the gravity with which Rebeccah’s life and work impacted the art world and all who knew her. With a distinct passion and curiosity for fine arts, Rebeccah made a lasting impact through her curatorial work, and inspired many with her creativity, vision, and kindness. The diverse set of works, varied in medium and style, reflect Rebeccah’s far reaching and worldly impact.

The exhibition is curated by Kit Schulte, art project manager and curator, content developer and explorer of culinary arts, and a former partner of Rebeccah’s. Together, they founded and directed the art and science platform and exhibition space Satellite Berlin.

“With strong ties to the Allens Lane Art Center, her family created the Rebeccah Milena Maia Blum Fund to support the new Emerging Curator Fellowship Program as a memorial that keeps her name alive within areas of her practice and reflects her dedicated and passionate involvement in the arts,” said Schulte.

Featured in the exhibition are renowned artists: Angelika Arendt, Tom Chamberlain, Steve DiBebedetto, Nico Glaenzel, Bjørn Hegarth, Michael Kutschbach, Barry Le Va, Alexander Ross, Jorinde Voigt, Joanne Gruene Yanoff, Christopher Winter, and Michael Wutz, all of whom knew Rebeccah and donated a work on paper to help launch the fellowship. New York gallerist, David Nolan, supports this initiative kindly by donating two works by deceased California artist Barry Le Va.

“The various works pay homage to Rebeccah, and the many ways in which she left an indelible legacy in the art world and on those who knew her,” said Schulte. “These visual tributes speak to Rebeccah’s life and legacy.”

In carrying Rebeccah’s name, the annual RMMB Emerging Curatorial Fellowship will support emerging local curators by providing a platform to showcase or exercise their research and curatorial work. In addition to funds and mentorship, the selected fellow has a chance to organize a group, two-person or solo exhibition, which then will be showcased at the Allens Lane Art Center Alber Gallery. The fellows have the opportunity to explore all aspects of curatorial work, from exercising fundamental curatorial skills, including writing effective proposals, developing comprehensive exhibition plans, and examining the increasingly diverse approaches to exhibition-making. Fellows receive a $1,500 stipend to help support the curatorial research and work of preparing an exhibition and mentorship from an established curator.

“We are delighted to host the RMMB Emerging Curatorial Fellowship,” said Vita Litvak, Executive Director at Allens Lane Art Center. “Housed at the art center in honor of Rebeccah Blum’s life and work, this program reflects her passion, talent, and commitment to the arts, and will support emerging artists who follow in this same spirit.”

The very first RMMB Emerging Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition is planned to open on January 12th, 5:00 – 7:00 pm at Allens Lane Art Center, Alber Gallery. The 2024 and 2025 RMMB Fellows, Sabriaya Shipley and Martha Knox, were selected amongst many excellent applicants.

KEEPING HER NAME ALIVE will be available for viewing through October 29.

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