Board Member Application

Become a Board Member

Are you interested in supporting the arts, giving back to your community, and helping others achieve their dreams?

Allens Lane Art Center welcomes qualified applicants to join our Board of Directors. The Center needs people with a variety of skills, contacts, financial resources and dedicated time to give to our organization. All Board Members are volunteers who want to support the Center, the community, and the arts.

Being on our Board of Directors means that you have made a commitment to be a steward of the organization. Doing so means you have accepted the responsibility to oversee our organization, follow our mission, and support our vision. To join our Board of Directors, you must understand and confirm that you will have specific duties to complete throughout the years you serve on the board.

Required Duties of Allens Lane Art Center Board Members:

  1. Commitment: Board members make a minimum three-year commitment to serve on the board. This three-year commitment can be renewed once for a total of six years. After that, board members must cycle off for at least a year.
  2. Attendance: Board members agree to attend at least 4 of the 5 board meetings each year (held every other month; no meeting in July) including the Annual Meeting in September. If they cannot attend a meeting, they will inform the Executive Director prior to the meeting. Missing more than three meeting per year is grounds for termination of service on the board.
  3. Donate: Board Members are asked to make an annual personal financial contribution to the organization. Board members are asked to donate $1,000 a year or solicit and confirm contribution(s) totaling $1,000 during the year (give or get). Many of our Board Members spread their donation out throughout the year to complete their pledges.  We also offer a number of suggestions on how board members can achieve these "get" donations through sponsorships, donations, and other means.
  4. Committee Work: Board members agree to participate on at least one committee. They stay informed about committee matters, prepare themselves for meetings and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time. Committee Chairs are responsible for arranging, running and follow-up with absent committee members.
  5. Attend special events, programs, and fundraisers when possible.
  6. Be informed about the mission, services, policies, and programs of the organization, and inform others about the organization. Board members are essentially Ambassadors for the Center and need to be able to accurately discuss our programs with their family, friends and the community at large.
  7. Suggest to the Nominating Committee names of potential board members who could make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization.

Allens Lane Art Center welcomes Board of Director applications for review. The steps below outline the required process to become a Board Member at Allens Lane Art Center. Should we receive your application close to the start of our new fiscal year in September (when we officially vote in new members) or if you apply at any time between September and May, we will encourage you to participate on one of our committees in the mean time while we work on your nomination process.

Step 1. Fill out the application form below and submit it. Make sure to send in your resume as well.

Step 2. Once we receive your application, we will review it in a timely manner and if it's appropriate, someone from our Nominating Committee (a Board Member) will contact you to set up a time and place to meet you. Usually this can be done over a cup of coffee or lunch at a local establishment. This will give you a great opportunity to speak candidly about your experiences, ask questions, and voice any concerns you may have about joining the Board of Directors.

Step 3. Assuming that you'll want to continue the process after meeting with the Board Member from step 2, you will be contacted by the Executive Director to meet at the Center. The Executive Director will give you a short tour of the facility followed by an in-depth conversation about the Center, our programs, and the current state of the organization.

Step 4. Once you have completed these three steps and you agree to continue, you will then be invited to attend a board meeting to meet the entire board for a short Q and A session. Please note that new Board Members are usually officially voted onto the board at our Annual Meeting in September of each year. Unless you have been asked to be a replacement for a board member who is no longer able to serve out their term, you will need to wait until September before you can officially begin your service.